BBK offers hair care products with a unique value proposition by combining natural and healthy ingredients, plus a wide range of lines designed for each type of hair.

We are committed to providing personalized hair solutions that enhance the individual beauty of women. Our priority is to offer high-quality products that nourish and protect hair, while promoting sustainability and caring for the environment.


We are a company with a family tradition that develops personal care products, characterized by their high quality standards, natural and socially responsible ingredients; with the purpose of providing satisfactory experiences to our consumers and complying with the demands of today’s world.


To be the leaders in the production of personal care products in Venezuela, characterized by using sustainable development practices, being committed to the environment and offering the best experience to our customers.

Work philosophy

At BBK we work with passion and professional excellence; we make it possible under the philosophy of sustainable development, continuous innovation, creativity and cutting-edge technology.

Our values